The Old Pretender - Bonnie Prince Charlie's Father

In the 18th Century, the Laird of Brotherton’s ’friend’; none other than the father of Bonnie Prince Charlie , (often referred to as ’The Old Pretender’ or as The Chevalier St. George); may have stood near this point (see the photo on the right) watching the sun rise over the German Ocean (the North Sea).

13 lathallanAfter seeing his hopes for the Jacobite cause vanish at Sherriffmuir, ’The Old Pretender’ was visiting Hercules the First of Brotherton here at Brotherton Castle (now Lathallan School). From here he travelled to Montrose. and spent his last night on Scottish soil at the home of Scott of Logie.

He embarked the ‘Maria Theresa’ at Montrose harbour early in February 1716 for exile in France.