Johnshaven Station

Johnshaven Station was a stop on the Bervie Line which ran from Montrose to Inverbervie.

The other stops on the route (as a passenger service) were St Cyrus, Lauriston and Gourdon. The journey lasted 40 minutes on average, and in 1889 there were six return trips per day.

Although the line was closed by Mr Beeching in the early 1960s, the Last Train organised by local enthisiasts ran in May 1966 before the line was ripped up. The route of the railway can still be walked as it flanks Johnshaven, and many residents still remember the days when the coast was served by graceful steam locomotion.

7 Johnshaven Station c1890

Johnshaven Station circa1890

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 8 Johnshaven stationplan

Plan view of Johnshaven Station circa1900. The route of the railway line can be walked through Johnshaven and onward Northeast towards Inverbervie.